Ercoin is a proof of stake cryptocurrency written in Erlang using Tendermint and released under Apache License 2.0.

Ercoin is currently in the development phase and has not been launched yet. Initial amount of coins is planned to be distributed to addresses proportionally to the associated amounts of BlackCoin burnt in a specific time window (not announced yet).

For source codes, issue trackers and technical specification, see the Ercoin’s profile on GitLab.

For support and discussion, use the official IRC channel: #ercoin on You can connect either directly or using the Matrix bridge ( There is also a semi-official thread on Bitcointalk.

Planned features

100% proof of stake

Security of the network is provided using locked coins as a scarce resource instead of energy expended. Thanks to that, the network will operate much cheaper than proof of work cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and you can expect transaction fees to be much lower.

Transaction messages

Every transfer transaction will be able to contain a message of size up to 255 bytes. Thanks to that, you will be able to easily track payment-related data. If transaction-related data is bigger, you can synchronize it off-chain and put its checksum in the transaction message as a proof.

1-second confirmations and no chain forks

Transaction blocks will be issued every second. Once your transaction is included in a block, you can rest assured that it will not be orphaned.

Expirable accounts instead of unspent transaction outputs

Similarly as in banking system, money is assigned to accounts and, contrary to Bitcoin, is not split into unspent transaction outputs.

Fair distribution

No entity will be privileged during Ercoin’s initial distribution. There will be no premine and no ICO. Initial amount of coins is planned to be distributed to addresses proportionally to the associated amounts of BlackCoin burnt in a specific manner in a specific time window.

Accounts managed by multiple keys in arbitrary combinations

You will be able to create accounts managed by singular keys, but also accounts managed by arbitrary combinations of multiple keys. For example, it will be possible to create a company account from which money can be spent either by its chairman or by two vice-chairmans acting together.

Flexible economic model

Fee amounts will be decided by consensus of validators, which will be able to adjust their choices based on external factors like Ercoin price and hardware price.


Ercoin needs help to grow. There are plenty of ways to contribute:


Besides being an individual investment opportunity, purchasing Ercoin (after it is launched) or participating in the initial distribution will increase its market capitalization.

Improve the node

Implement features, fix bugs and review code in the main repository.

Write a wallet

Ercoin wallets don’t embed a node; they communicate with Tendermint using WebSockets and RPC. It is therefore conceptually easy to write a wallet.

There already exists a simple wallet, but it doesn’t have a GUI and is intended for development purposes.

Create graphics

Ercoin doesn’t even have a logo yet.

Improve this website

Its repository is available.


Learn about Ercoin’s features and spread the word to help its community grow.


If you are better skilled at other tasks, you can pay someone to do one of the above. There is currently no official sponsorship program. You can choose an appropriate person to support yourself or establish a bounty.


Get paid for Ercoin-related work.