Ercoin is a cryptocurrency which aims to be simple, fast, efficient and fairly distributed. Written in Erlang using Tendermint, it is released under Apache License 2.0.

Initial Burn Offering occured between 8th of November and 7th/8th of December 2019. The main network launched on 23rd of January 2020.

For source codes, issue trackers and technical specification, see the Ercoin’s profile on GitLab.

Syndication feeds: news, activity in the GitLab group, activity in the main Ercoin repository, commits to the main Ercoin repository. There are also feeds of other repositories.


Reasons to be interested in Ercoin


Questions & answers



Social media & discussion

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Software libraries

IBO explorers


Get paid for Ercoin-related work.


Ercoin needs help to grow. There are plenty of ways to contribute:


Besides being an individual investment opportunity, purchasing Ercoin (after it is launched) or participating in the initial distribution will increase its market capitalization.

Find bugs

Join the test network and try to find a bug.

Improve the node

Implement features, fix bugs and review code in the main repository.

Improve an existing wallet or write a new one

Ercoin wallets don’t embed a node; they communicate with Tendermint using WebSockets and RPC. It is therefore conceptually easy to write a wallet.

Improve graphics

Improve this website

Its repository is available.


Learn about Ercoin’s features and spread the word to help its community grow.


If you are better skilled at other tasks, you can pay someone to do one of the above. There is currently no official sponsorship program. You can choose an appropriate person to support by yourself or establish a bounty.